The evening star

Hello, I'm Venus. I'm a 21 year old vegan, left wing cis white woman living in Western Australia. I like cats, Harry Potter, human/animal rights.

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fun idea: stop telling trans people how hard it is to use their new names and pronouns

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We’re decorating for Halloween today. Boomer is helping.

I don’t know Jackson Galaxy, but I trust him.

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A bee can become drunk from fermented nectar and other bees will punish it by chewing off its legs.

"Hey, Pete is drunk again lets chew his legs off"

So you’re saying bees get…legless?

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You can’t make homes out of people.

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Big roast veg chicken dinner. #food #vegan #veganfood #veganfoodshare  #roast #whatveganseat #whatfatveganseat


Has anyone heard from hardcorevegan recently?
She has been really upset recently, and has told me she wanted to kill herself and was going to

I haven’t heard from her in two days and I’m really worried something has happened

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